How My Worst Dating Experience Turned Out To Be My Best Dating Experience


Read If You Dare


I had been talking to this guy from Bumble for a few weeks (Mr. McDreamy from my last post), we had exchanged numbers and began texting nonstop with cute good morning and good night texts. Not to mention the obsessive amount of snaps we sent to each other that reassured me he was real and super cute and super interesting! Things were going so well that he had asked me to hang out, and it just happened to be right around Halloween so I was super busy, but I was busy with plans with my friends so I figured why not meet in a social setting?

If you don’t feel comfortable going out with a guy by yourself for the first time without meeting him in person prior, a social setting is always a great idea for a first date! Keeps things fun and interesting, so there’s no awkward silent moments during the date.

Anyways, back to my humiliating story…so to cut to the chase, I asked him to come out to a party with my friends and I. It was a place he had never been and it was a dress up party so I thought it would be super fun for him to join! 

It was a dark and stormy night. All the twenty-something year olds were getting into the Halloween spirit with their sexed up costumes and pumpkin spice gin-whatever’s, on the way to some party they were about to get shitfaced at.

Jennifer, unfortunately, had fallen into this label of a crowd and followed her friends to Atlantic City where she eagerly waited for Mr. McDreamy to show up. She waited hours, well more like minutes, but it felt like hours, in the lobby for him, but when he walked in their eyes locked and she ran up to him to give him a hug [love at first sight]. As the night went on, still trying to get to know each other, it seemed like everything was against them. Jenn’s friends were getting more and more intoxicated and seemed to distract Mr. McDreamy as it was apparent he fell for her friends just as much as he had fallen for her.

Things seemed to be falling apart right in front of her eyes as nothing was going the way she had wanted, but with that last breathe of hope she let out, he looked her in the eyes, put his hand on her neck and leaned in for a kiss. And they lived happily ever after…

YEAH RIGHT! As soon as Jennifer opened her eyes from their magical kiss, her EX BOYFRIEND walk into the room. With her eyes filling up with tears she ran off to the bathroom in a panic. This was her worst nightmare.

What to do next? She got herself together and walked out of the bathroom. Only to find her ex talking to her best friend and Mr. Mc Dreamy!!! Did I mention this was a girl’s worst nightmare?! She walked right up to them and said hello, trying not to make things awkward, but with her ex and his friends all standing there smiling at her, Mr. McDreamy knew something was up.


The rest of the night was a blur. Jennifer’s ex begged for her to take him back after seeing her with another guy but she was unsure of what to do. Move on and pursue this handsome man who came out to see her that night? Or go back to the one who she was secretly still in love with?



Well if you must know, they both bailed. Jennifer (aka me) (aka TheGypseaGirl) was left by herself. Mr. McDreamy knew things were not right after I backed away from him the rest of the night. And my ex never really tried to get back together with me, he just didn’t want me to be with anyone else.



Moral of my beautiful, amazing, long story here- online dating has a chance, your ex doesn’t.

Thank you and goodnight.