End of Summer Fun

Yes, sadly Summer '16 is coming to an end, but why not go out with a bang? Here are some (Jersey Shore related) ideas you can add to your planner before the end of the Summer!

  • Beach House
    • Whether you're ten minutes away or two hours away from the beach, a nice way to finish out the hot weather is to rent a house on the beach sippin' Pina Colada's all weekend long. Try adventuring out to a different beach location other than the one that your closest to. This is a great idea if you and a group of your friends are looking for a low budget mini getaway! It's a great way to have a change of scenery and bond with your friends.
  • Outside Concert
    • This is the best time to check out a local venue that's having a concert on the beach! There are so many in the Jersey Shore area including Atlantic City's Beach Concerts, PNC Bank Arts Center and Seaside Heights Beach Concerts. Try checking out a band that you may not normally think of seeing- with a few beers down the music will sound good to you regardless.
  • Water Sports
    • The best way to spice up your dating life, friendship life, anything life is to try something you've never done before! For most of you reading, you live at the beach so water sports are so accessible to you so why not try parasailing or paddle boarding? Or, if you're not looking to do something that may risk your life why not just try something like fishing or crabbing? Rent a boat for the day, grab a few beers and catch some fish!

So many of us locals are so used to the norm: going to the same beach and the same local hangouts, but why not try something new and exciting before the end of season?