5 Things Not To Do Post Break Up


1.     Don’t binge eat

Yes, I get it- you really, really, really want ice cream and you want to stuff your face with everything sweets, but guess what- you WILL get fat. Those empty calories may help in the moment when you’re in the middle of a mental breakdown missing that demon of an ex, but those calories will soon be glued to your hips- literally. The best way to get your mind off things is to stay active. Exercising is the best medicine and the best thing to do to get your mind off things. Post break up is the best time to start a diet, create a work out goal, or just make plans to take a walk like you’ve been wanting to.

2.     Don’t make contact

You know that song 3am by Meghan Trainor? Yeah, do the exact opposite of what she does in that song. Guys (or girls for that matter) do not want to see some pathetic text message from you at some crazy hour of the night because you can’t sleep and they’re on your mind.  {If} you want them back, make them think you’ve forgotten about them… although that’s the goal regardless, if you find yourself still missing them the worst thing to do is text them. And please, try not to drunk text either? That is probably THE WORST thing you could do, because then they will know they’ve still got you hooked OR they could just think you’re a crazy person and really never want to get back with you now. A text is something you can’t get back- they’ve seen it and now they can’t un-see it, so try to stay away from contact all together, maybe even deleting their number will help you from feeling the urge to want to contact them.

3.     Don’t creep

Even if your ex put up a picture of themselves sitting at home, it’s almost likely still going to make you upset. You may think you’re okay to look at what they’re up to on social media but I promise that once you go on their page and look, all of those sad feelings you just worked off by staying active will have resurfaced. To get over someone it’s just easier not to look at what they’re doing or even look at old pictures of you guys together, because soon enough you will be wondering what they’re doing every minute of the day. You need to “forgive & forget” (wise words from LC). Oh, and while you’re at it, deleting them all together from social media is probably the best idea.   

4.     Don’t rebound

Tinder and Bumble can be your friends post breakup BUT ONLY if you use them in the right way. Don’t go searching for some random dude to go hook up with, because if it’s too soon I can almost guarantee that you’re going to start thinking of your ex mid hook up and it’s not going to end well. Two things will come out of a hook up and neither are good- you’ll either do some walk of shame and get home, crawl into bed and be even sadder than you were before OR you’ll try to force yourself to like some guy whose so not your type and end up leading them on- so just stay away from it. You may think that going out to the clubs right after getting out of a relationship is a good idea- it is! But if you go in with the intentions of finding someone new that night, you’re going to get crushed. If you plan to go out, go out with your friends and enjoy their company, you don’t need to be mouth to mouth with a guy on the dance floor to have fun!

5.     Don’t stress

Most importantly- don’t stress! If you get stressed or have anxiety over a guy it can begin to affect every part of your life. You’ll begin to have mood swings towards your friends and family, you won’t be able to focus at work, and honestly you will become depressed. You need to remember that this is over a guy. You have your health, you have your family, and you have your friends to be happy about. And you should be even happier because now you can focus on yourself instead of picking out your boyfriend’s clothes every day, (just me? Okay never mind) but anyway you can’t stress over something that is not in your control. Eventually someone better will come along, and until then you can only stay patient and relaxed.


So I have to tell you that I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m newly single and trying to figure this whole transition thing out and each day it’s a constant battle, but my tips are ones that I’ve had the most experience with and I have done all of those things you shouldn’t do and I know that each one is worse than the last. You are going to regret something more post break up if you do one of these things on my list.

So ladies…(and men)…take my advice! WE DON’T NEED SIGNIFICANT OTHERS TO STAY HAPPY! We can live as individuals and by being alone and moving on it’s the best way we can grow as people. Be happy you don’t have that extra full time job called a relationship.