If He Does Not Bring You Joy, Out He Goes

Hello to all of my amazing supporters <3

I wanted to change things up a little and discuss something a little more personal, something a little deeper, and something very relevant for this time of year. Hope you enjoy :)

After watching the Gilmore Girls revival this past November, I had an “ah-ha!” moment, specifically when Emily said “if something bring you joy, keep it. If it doesn't, out it goes”. (You can relive it through the gif below!)

{For anyone who doesn’t know, she discusses this after her husband dies and feels the need to make a fresh start for herself so she reads a book by Marie Kondo. Emily proceeds to get rid of almost everything in her entire house because she realized they don’t mean as much to her as she originally had thought.}  





So it made me start to think- I have been stuck in my ways for so long, I have so much shit (excuse my French) and I’m not even sure if any of it really brings me joy!

So I went on a binge. I literally turned my entire room upside down. I went through every single thing I owned and decided whether or not it brought me joy- if it didn’t, out it went! It took me two weeks to get through all of my stuff and accept letting go of certain things.

Part of me telling this story is because I truly believe this is something everyone should do now and then to unclutter their life. What better way to start the New Year than to clean up your life?!

The other reason why I’m telling you this story is what I’m about to say…

A guy is like a shirt. It’s replaceable.


You have this sweater- it’s the perfect color, fits perfectly and you wear it on occasion. It makes you happy, so you’d obviously keep it. The guy that you’re seeing treats you well, when you hang out it’s always a fun time, he makes you happy, so you’d obviously want to stay with him.  

Your winter jacket. You have a few of them (one for each type of weather), but this one you’ve had for a while. Sometimes it doesn’t keep you warm or dry but for the most part it’s a good jacket. You love the way it fits you, you love the classic yet modern look it gives you and it’s not cheap so you know it’ll last a long time. There may be other jackets that you have, but this one has been through a lot more with you and seems to be a good jacket, so you keep it. You’ve been on and off with this guy for a while, you butt-heads a little but he does make you happy. Things may not always be perfect between the two of you but you know he cares for you a lot. Things may be on the fence but don’t let him go.

You have this pair of jeans- you’ve had them for so long. They’ve been through everything with you, you wear them all the time, but they’re starting to rip. They make you happy but they may not last forever so you should probably get rid of them before they completely fall apart. Things are starting to change with the guy you’ve been seeing. You may not feel the same way anymore, you may want to see what else is out there, but you’ve been through so much so you don’t want to give that up. If you’re having doubts, he should probably go before it gets worse.

You have these heels. These heels are so freakin cute, like major. But they hurt…a lot. They actually haven’t even left your closet because you can barely walk in them. Unfortunately, they need to go. They may be cute but in reality the hurting and not being able to walk in them is never going to go away. The guy you’re seeing is so hot. Probably the most good looking guy you’ve ever been with, all your friends adore him. But behind closed doors he is not a good person. He puts you down, doesn’t seem to care about your feelings. He doesn’t treat you well, honey he has to go.


So what I’m saying is, if he brings you joy, stay with him, if he doesn’t, dump his ass. Don’t put up with something you don’t need, you can buy yourself a new shirt- he is replaceable!


I hope you guys enjoyed my analogy. Leaving someone is really hard. It took me two weeks just to get rid of all my unneeded belongings! You become emotionally attached to things so much sometimes you just need to step outside of yourself for a second and decide from another perspective.

If something happened to you today would you be okay if you left those heels in your closet realizing they could have gone to someone else who could have really used them?

If something happened to you today would you be okay knowing that you were with him?