Sweet Serendipity And My Mystery Man

Dear someone,

I’m going to tell you a story and you need to promise not to judge …enjoy…

 As many of you may already know I commute to NYC every day for work and unfortunately I have to take public transportation.

5 years I've been taking the bus, and 5 years I've been taking the bus with this mystery man. Have you ever just seen someone and it's like no one you've ever seen before and you just cannot take your eyes off of them? Well that is mystery man for me. For 5 years I've been taking the 6:45AM bus to NYC with him. For 5 years we've been parking near each other in the parking lot, standing near each other on line, sitting near each other on the bus and walking off into the giant city together where we eventually part ways. 

I should have mentioned that I have never talked to this man ever. I should have also mentioned that this mystery man goes to my gym and the same bars as me. I SWEAR NOT ON PURPOSE. 

Clearly, you can tell already that this post is very all over the place, mainly because my thoughts on him are very all over the place and I cannot convey them in a proper manor. Even when i had a boyfriend I would talk to him about this mystery man because i was just so fascinated. 

Now I feel like such a stalker, but I swear I'm not because if I were I would have already found out his  name and everything about him, but I literally have no clue. Have you ever watched Serendipity? Because that's what this feels like, except neither of us are willing to go up to each other and say anything. Although, who am I kidding, he could be gay or not think I'm pretty or is already in a relationship- I have no idea! 

All I know is that this is serendipity- this was meant to happen. I was meant to take a year off from the city and run into him at the gym, and then again, and then at a local bar, and then now again every morning. 

So why am I telling you this story? Well first because it's just so mind blowing to me that something like this would happen to me and after so long I still don't know who this prince charming is. Secondly, because I have such conflicting feelings. Do I approach him and say hello? Do I go stalking him and try to somehow find out who he is just to get that satisfaction? Or do I do nothing and just wait for serendipity to take over. 

But want to know a secret? The mystery is what makes it that much more interesting. At this point I’m terrified to find out who this person is because what if I don’t like him? What if he’s nothing like I created him to be? It ruins to game I’ve played. It’s just a bit terrifying…

I realized that sometimes when you feel like everything around you isn’t going your way, it’s best to create the most imaginative stories to keep you going. Hopefully one day I can give an update on who mystery man is, or not. 

Thanks for playing along. 

-The Gypsea Girl