The Simple Guide To Using Dating Apps

We all know what dating apps are like. We’ve all gotten those cheesy pick –up lines and those DTF messages, and some of us have actually found real love connections from it.

I’m not here to tell you about that.

I’m here to tell you how NOT to use these dating sites.

To give you some background I’m going to tell you a little story…

 My ex and I were dating when he decided it was cool to start going on dating sites. Of course I had no idea about it because I don't snoop through people's phones because I don't have TRUST ISSUES ....well I mean now I do, but then I didn't. Anyway, a friend of mine texted me one night telling me she had matched with him on POF and that he was currently "online". Well, let's just say you could compare me to the Hulk, that's how pissed I was.

I decided to confront him about it, maybe there's some logical reason why he would be surfing the internet for a girl... his excuse? "I get bored at work sometimes." He can't text me but he can go looking on dating apps for other girls to talk to. What does that mean? CHEATING. Ladies it's cheating! Myself being the dumb ignorant girl that I am, I decided to stay mad for awhile but then I eventually went back to him. Seriously, learn from my mistakes. Please!

So, with that being said, here's a little refresher on what dating sites are used for incase you didn't know:

  • Dating sites are used for people who don’t have a significant other that are looking for love


  • Dating sites are used for people who don't have a significant other that are looking for a hook up


  • Dating sites can be used if you’re not monogamous with anyone. So, if you’re seeing someone but it’s not official yet then Tinder as you please


  • Dating sites are NOT for people who are in monogamous relationships.