Last Minute Gift Guide for Your Significant Other

We know most guys (and some girls) ALWAYS wait til the last minute for things…especially gift giving. So, if you’re in that category of lazy/last minute people, then check out my last-minute gift guide for your significant other!


If you’ve been dating for less than a year

This is the time to show them what you're made of. If you're a good girlfriend/boyfriend you know exact what your significant likes, so don't waste your money on something general- get them something meaningful (without breaking the bank). 

My first Christmas I spent with my ex I got him some nice clothes and a GameStop gift card because he loves video games. He's pretty bad at picking clothes out so he was super happy to get a style update, obviously without offending him. The key is to get something they will really appreciate but not going over the top. You haven't been dating that long so you don't want to push boundaries.

Anything over two years

Many holidays have been celebrated together, and many gifts have been given. Try to spice things up and give your significant other something that they may least expect, like a spa day treatment or upping the ante and getting him an Iphone Watch or her that Michael Kors bag. You've been together long enough where you can now try a little bit harder to get them something and they won't be in shock that you went too over board with the gift giving. Don't lower expectations either- it may lower expectations in your relationship too.