To My Ex...Thank You.

For all the girls or guys who are a little sad they will be alone this Valentine's Day...

Dear Ex Boyfriend,

Thank you for allowing me to see that I deserve better. Thank you for all the empty holidays and other times where I went above and beyond to spoil you and I didn't get anything in return. I now know that I don't need someone to make me happy. I don't need to go searching for someone to make me happy....I can make myself happy.

You showed me that I don't have to be upset this Valentine's Day, because I'm able to count on myself. I'm able to go buy myself flowers and chocolate, instead of getting my hopes up for you to come around and do something nice and then being let down when you show up empty handed.

When things are meant to happen, they will. And this year there is a reason why I'm single for Valentine's Day. I don't need to pick up any random guy to go on a date with for V-Day to make myself feel better. I can wait. I can wait until there's a John Cusack look alike standing outside my house with a speaker playing "In Your Eyes". I can wait until someone gives me a dozen roses to shower them with gifts because they deserve it.

So thank you, for allowing me to see that I deserve better.

For the girls & guys still reading...

If you are still a little bummed that you have no plans for Valentine's Day, TAKE ACTION YOURSELF!

There a guy or girl you've been talking to? Ask him out! You still have time to make plans! Sometimes the other person is nervous to make the first move- sometimes it's okay to take matters into your own hands.