How to Avoid Ruining the First Date

I feel like this is common sense, just don't be an idiot...but really it's a little more complex than that.

So I'm up to my 5th Bumble date guys, considering the drama with the ex and trying to get over it I'm pretty impressed with myself that I've even gotten this far. Obviously it's taking a lot longer than I had anticipated to reach my #50firstdateschallenge but to be honest, most of my first dates turned into second dates- which is a good thing! Yes, I'm doing this to learn more about the world of modern dating/online dating but I'm also putting myself out there in hopes to find someone special, I mean like duh! So bear with me about my 5th Bumble date,



Okay! Okay!

So I started talking to this guy....for confidentiality purposes and per his request (yes he knows I'm writing this) I'm going to call him Mr. HotPants ...[insert giggles]

He seems great- super attractive, lives close by, seems like a sweet guy; we talk for about a week before meeting up. On the day we decided to get together I had been running around all day doing stuff with not much time to grab a bite of eat but I had assumed since we were meeting at a restaurant that we'd get food. (No this isn't going to end up like my last date I promise) He tells me in advance that he's already eaten and not hungry so we're just getting drinks. You'll understand why this is important to the story in a minute...



Mr. HotPants is even hotter in person than online, even nicer, even more of a gentleman. But it's the first date like s*** can always change. But for a first date it's going really well! We decided to sit at the bar and have a couple of beers, conversing over the things we had in common and learning more about each other, blah blah blah the usual..when I realize I have to use the bathroom.

& this is where things went sour my friends

For some stupid idiotic reason I decided to text my best friend to let him know that the date is going well and that he's pretty much perfect. ....well that's not exactly what I said and that's not exactly who I texted.... I texted Mr. HotPants !!!!!



See below at my real life drunken mess...


Yes this really happened, and yes I'm an idiot. I totally just ruined this date.

Well's how I may have saved it? (Or he's just amazing and saved it for me lol)

If you totally embarrass yourself on the first date like I did, the best thing to do is stay calm. Just be totally nonchalant about it. In my case he realized he got a text message after I had gotten back to my seat, so he literally opened it up in front of me, but I tried to play it off like I was having a good time and I was just being over dramatic to my best friend (you know how friends usually are when they tell a story). Like NBD I didn't just look like a weirdo and call you perfect!

Don't jump to conclusions. If you spill something on you or trip or say something you didn't mean, or even text him something by accident- don't assume you've just ruined the date. We're all humans, we all mess up and if he's a good guy he'll understand that and not laugh at you or never talk to you again.

The worst thing you could do is overreact. I dropped the subject as soon as possible and started to talk about something else. Get back on a good note, take a deep breath and ask him what his favorite movie is, or something to that effect.

You can save the date even if you screw up. And incase you were wondering, we did see each other again after that night. Anything's possible if you just believe {cue Disney song}.