Your Guide to St. Patrick's Day at the Jersey Shore

If you're over 21 and looking to celebrate St. Patrick's Day I've got you covered on what to do and how to look!

(FYI, to access any of the things listed just click on the names!)

Where To Go (Parade Guide):

  • Seaside Parade: Saturday March, 11th
  • Asbury Park Parade: Sunday March 12th
  • Want to try something different? Check out Laurita Winery. Their food truck festivals are always so much fun! Their Shamrock festival will be going on Saturday and Sunday March 17th-18th including Irish dancers, bagpipers and yummy Irish food!

What To Wear:

  • Funny shirt, don't be boring: Get a fun green shirt to wear! If you're going to go- go all out! Here are a couple that I've picked up...(but my favorite is the Drink Until You Are A Gallagher T-shirt, for all of my Shameless lovers.)

If you can't find anything you like at the store, make one yourself! It's super easy to iron on some words on a green T (& Pinterest can help you find some ideas!)

  • Stay's going to be cold! If you plan to stand outside to watch the parade or go bar hopping make sure you have some layers on. Don't want to ruin your cute outfit?! Wear Underarmour or get some green winter accessories like a hat or scarf. Just make sure to bundle up if you plan to go out so you're not super cranky day of!
  • Get some cute accessories-your outfit isn't complete if you don't have some funky accessories on you. Personally, I picked up a pair of suspenders and some cool light up glasses but there are so many options to chose from if you check out Party Fair or Spencer's! Want to make it more interesting? My best friend had the best idea to pick up a ton of green beads to wear and give them out when he's at the bar- maybe a good way to start up a conversation with a cute boy?

Best Bars for St. Patty's


  • Bamboo : The most known place in Seaside (thanks to the Jersey Shore show) good music and awesome bartenders- they also literally have a countdown for the parade each year so you know s*** is goin down there.
  • Spicy's : My go-to. Always has the best drinks and a great atmosphere, located right on the boardwalk, perfect walking distance from a few other bars around.
  • Beachcomber : Also located on the boardwalk, Google says it's a, "down-to-earth hangout with a chill vibe" and I agree.
  • Captain Hook's : If you're looking to have tons of fun, this is the spot. A little bit further away from the rest of the bars in Seaside Heights but totally worth the walk over.


  • Johnny Mac's : The cutest bar I've ever been to, this place has so much character and for every holiday they really go all out!
  • Porta : "Get some beads, beers and beats" Porta is a great nightclub, and I'm sure it's just as fun during the holidays.
  • Asbury Ale House : They have basketball, shuffleboard and really good beer, do you need anything more?

Not Looking to Party?

If you're looking to tone it down just a bit; want to go to the parade but don't want to party too hard. Looking to feast on some corn beef & cabbage and gulp down a Guinness, here are a few good pubs I'd recommend you check out:


Please make sure to drink responsibly this holiday!

Check back in a few days when I adventure off to the parade!