Why Taking A Girls Trip Is So Important

I've officially been at my job for a whole year! Time is literally flying by! So since I've been drowning in work for many months and with my best friends graduation coming up in a couple of weeks we decided it was the perfect time to do a much needed girls trip-

Cinco de Drinko in no better place than Cancun!

(Okay I didn't go to Cabo BUT I just felt like this was needed anyway lol)

(Okay I didn't go to Cabo BUT I just felt like this was needed anyway lol)

My girls are like my lifeline, they bring me back to life when I'm feeling bleh and that's why I'm so grateful to have them all!

I realized that although going on a romantic getaway can be fun and exciting, (if you know what I mean "wink, wink'") doing a girls trip is just so much more interesting and so important to do every once in awhile because sometimes girls just wanna have fun! CUE THE CYNDI LAUPER SONG



You can gossip!

Not even going to lie I spent half my vacation on the beach conversing with my besties about the latest drama going on in the world. I really doubt my boyfriend's going to want to hear about how I think KimK looks bad at the Met Gala or what guy at the club I think is cute. So thanks girls, I appreciated stalking the celebs at the Met Gala via social media and searching for our Latino lovers last week with you.


You may feel more comfortable around your best friends,

I can sh!t in peace. #nofilter

But seriously, sometimes going on vacation with a significant other can be difficult, you may not have shared a room for more than a single night before so being around each other for this long may take some adjusting and you may not feel as comfortable to do certain things around them yet like you do with your friends.


You experience things in a different way.

In my experience, going on vacation with a boyfriend is a lot of fun but going on vacation with your friends is a lot more fun. I can get drunk with Tyler any night of the week but getting litty in Cancun with my closest girlfriends is totally different...I let my hair down just a little bit more than when I'm around him. In no way is that a bad thing, it just means that sometimes spending time with your girls can be more therapeutic and restorative.

One other bonus is that if you break things off with your BF you may get conflicting emotions when thinking about that time you spent in (insert destination) together- that'll never happen when you travel with your girls!