How #GirlBoss Missed The Mark

If you're a girl, like fashion and enjoy Netflix binging you OBVIOUSLY have heard all about Nasty Gal and the show #GirlBoss. And if you haven't that's okay too [just keep reading]...

The show is based off of how Sophia Aroruso aka Nasty Gal got her start. It follows her rugged to riches story, empowering women across America showing that you can do anything you set your mind to. So inspirational right? Totally. I'm not going to sit here and bash the show because it actually was great and I'm a little sad that the show wasn't renewed for a 2nd Season BUT I will say that I did have one problem with it...

NOTE: If you haven't watched it yet, there will be spoilers below,, 

Before each episode, a sentence pops up on the screen that says the story is a, "real loose" adaptation of Nasty Gal's actual story. So, for what I'm about to discuss may not even be true about how Sophia handled her life but regardless the producers f***ed this one up, big time.

In the midst of launching her career she finds a boy who she falls in love with (so typical). They go through their ups and downs as both are going through changes in their careers but just as Sophia is making way and decides to celebrate with boy toy of two years, she finds him at his record studio getting a blow job from a coworker. As he doesn't notice her, she walks out and then keeps this information to herself, continuing to stay over at his house each night as if nothing happened. 

Yep, a feminist, rebel, girl boss just let her man cheat on her and she did nothing about it (until later on). She lost all of my respect when she decided to let it go ...sorry this isn't the time to sing the Frozen song...

She went through like 10 episodes of being so empowering and not letting anything get in her way and doing whatever she wanted no matter what, but once her stupid boyfriend cheats on her she acts like a little sad puppy and pretends like it never happened. 

If you're a real independent woman you do not put up with a cheater. Even if it means just addressing the situation and trying to come up a way to resolve the issue- you do not just "let it go." That is not at girl boss. 

I encourage anyone reading this to watch the show and read Sophia's book because regardless, her story is inspirational and most likely this boy drama is made up bullshit that was needed for the show (hopefully).