5 Things Happened When I Stopped Caring

When I cared too much about our relationship he cared less. Being over protective of your relationship is not always a good thing, and it can easily have the opposite effect on your partner. They can begin to shut down from the stress and it can eventually ruin the relationship. I was so worried about every little thing in our relationship that I lost focus of the big picture. Things were over…

When things are over you have to learn to take the good with the bad. Soak it all in. Make mistakes but don’t do anything you’ll regret. Caring too much isn’t good, not caring is just as bad. Find your middle…

(Results happened in order/post breakup…)

I made rash and wild decisions when I stopped caring.

I may have stopped caring about him but I needed to put that energy into something else so I began to make big changes to my life. Some were good some were bad, but most were rushed because I just wanted something else to focus on. It became a pull and tug scenario, sometimes I wanted to care about everything else but him and other times I didn't care about anything at all. I was on a mission to find a rebound when I stopped caring. I just needed to fill that void. It was my way of forgetting the hurt I felt. 


I pretended like the last X years didn’t exist when I stopped caring.

I hated this part. I felt that the only way to stop caring was to mentally train myself not to remember my relationship with him. It’s better not to feel at all then to feel hurt. So by forgetting everything I stopped caring because there was nothing to care about…but this was my biggest lie. Wiping away memories is not healthy. Learning to understand that everything happens for a reason is. Learning to care about that person but in a new way is healthy.


I was able to focus on me.

I felt somewhat empty inside, like something was missing still. I didn’t miss him I missed who I was before. So one day I stopped caring, I had realized that things had changed, friends were gone, my body was different- I began to focus on myself. Put myself first. Began a new routine to revolve only around me because I needed to get myself back into a healthier mindset.


I was able to look at a guy and not compare them to my ex when I stopped caring.

It takes some time for this process to happen, but eventually it does. You begin to look at guys and see them for them and not feel as though they aren’t as good as your ex. At some point you begin to feel happy again with someone else. 


Moving on doesn’t mean stop caring and not caring doesn’t mean move on.

There is no such thing as not caring. You can stop caring about what he’s doing at this very moment or who he’s talking to but you cannot stop caring about him as a human being. There will always be something inside of you that will care about his well-being. You will always feel sympathy, at least a little. If you were in love with him, you will never stop caring.