I Can't Make Anyone Love Me

Ive always dedicated myself to my passions like dance and furthering my education. And because I put so much work into it I've become successful [well so far] : 

-BHS dance captain

-PRSSA Treaurer

-A job right after graduating college


But I don't have quite the same luck when it comes to love.  

No matter how much effort you put into a relationship/making yourself look better/having a better attitude theres no way to guarentee success because ultimately it's  up to the other person.

It doesnt matter how much you try to "change" - if anything changing yourself is wrong. You shouldnt change yourself for anyone else.

You cant make anything happen, but atleast for your passions you can set goals for yourself and always have a strategy to get better. With love you just can't do that. You just can't make someone love you, theres really nothing you can do to fix how a person feels about you. And trying usually makes you feel worse about the situation because you usually start to second guess everything you've done up until that point.  

Have I thought that maybe there's something wrong with me? Of course. Sometime's I think I'm unlovable because if you care so much for someone why else wouldn't they just love you back? It's not that simple... 

Eventually, hopefully there will be someone that comes along that loves you for who you are and you wont have to try to force them to love you or even like you. Dont spend all your day trying to get someones attention or fixing a relationship because odds are theyre not as committed as you and its better to leave it before you hurt yourself even more than you already have.