Friendzoned? Here's How To HANDLE IT

If you haven’t heard of the movie Party Boat you should probably crawl out of the rock you’re living in- download Crackle and watch it…FOR FREE


The movie stars actors from my FAV MTV show, Awkward- Brett Davern and Beau Mirchoff as well as the amazing Katie Leclerc from Switching Birth!

MTV's Awkward stars

MTV's Awkward stars

The movie is about the perfect love story….wellll at least for one of the characters in the move. Max (AKA Brett Davern) falls in love with his childhood best friend who is about to get proposed to by her boyfriend. He plans this elaborate celebration on his boat to win her over, but does he get the girl? Well, you’ll just have to watch the movie to find out :)

After watching Party Boat I realized that falling in love with your best friend kinda sucks. And I know, I’ve been there, well sort of. My best friend who I fell for ended up falling for me back except eventually after dating for a few months he came out as gay but luckily for me we ended up going back to best friends and we’ve been besties ever since (circa ’08).

With that being said, clearly that sinario is very uncommon so I’ve put together some tips on how to handle the “friend zone/trying to leave the friend zone”, see below:

If you’re looking to get out of the friend zone, here are some tips on what you SHOULDN’T DO:

  • Don’t ask them on a romantic date- make it somewhat casual so that you can ease into it

  • Gage how they’re feeling, throw in some casual hints like “imagine if we would have kissed?”  

  • And please…Don’t tell her you love her at her engagement party #PartyBoat


Here is what you should expect and how you should prepare for “the talk”:

  • Prepare For The Worst: You have to go into it thinking that they aren’t going to feel the same way you do

  • If They Do Feel the Same Way: Don’t jump up and kiss them…that’s just too awk.

  • If They Are Unsure: Don’t rush them into anything

At the end of the day, if things don't go your way it's probably meant to be. Eventually things will work themselves out whether they stay your best friend or become your lover. The best thing to do is go into the situation understand what you're getting into and accepting any negativities that may come from it.