The Truth Of The Matter Is That I Am Struggling.

I have anxiety. Which leads to depression. Some days are good days, others aren’t. And not have a safe space has made things just a little extra sad. While I’ve leaned on work as my happy place, it’s been a blessing, but still just not the same. I’ve become a control freak because I feel the need to control as much of my life as possible so that I make sure nothing else in my life goes wrong.

Sometimes I’m super quiet, other times I’m acting out of control, but most of the time I feel like I’m watching my life happen from someone else’s view. While I’ve literally always suffered from some sort of anxiety, this past year it has escalated to another level. My insecurities developed and less felt as important to me.

My biggest fear came true: the ultimate fear of being along.

With that all being said, I concurred my fear and I’m happy to be moving to this new stage in my life. I’m officially saying goodbye to a lot in my life.

The Gypsea Girl remains though, that part of me goes wherever I go, because being a “gypsy” is what has made me who I am today. Fucking strong.

So many of us suffer from mental health issues …

You’re not alone.