New Year, New Dating Routines/Methods to Try

January was just a trial month in the dating world. Now that it’s February (and the vicious V word is right around the corner) it’s time to throw away your old dating norms and try new things….I don’t mean anything kinky, well I mean unless you’re into that LOL.

We all know trying to pick someone up at the bar or scrolling through Tinder at night are the most common and most basic dating “methods” many millennials look to, to try to find a significant other. If you’re looking to spice up your dating life, try one of the routines below and maybe you’ll have some luck!

Have you been going to the bar every weekend with your girls (or guys), searching for a partner to leave with (or with their number) and having no luck meeting anyone or only getting hit on creepy people?!

Try this: Don’t wait for someone to approach you. While you’re enjoying your drinks at the bar on Taco Tuesday or Thirsty Thursday or Lets Get Drunk Friday- take a peak around you. Do you see someone you think is attractive? Make the first move. Try to make eye contact, if there’s a game on or something relevant going on in the bar, try to start a conversation with them. Don’t sit around staring at them all night- that’s NO FUN!



Have you been flipping through Tinder or Bumble with no luck? 

Try this: Look for a new app OR expand your reach. Maybe the guy you're looking for isn't in your hometown. Next time your out and about with your friends, go on those dating sites and shop around. ALSO maybe try switching up your profile picture and description. #startfresh