I Let My Best Friend Take Over My Bumble Account For A Day And Here's What I Learned

I've said time and time again that online dating is practically a second job (I've even been quoted saying it in Cosmo!), and most of the time when I can actually find the time to do some swiping, it's either when I'm in bed at night or on the weekends when I'm hanging out with my friends. So over the weekend, I was doing some oblaswiping when hanging out with my friends and my gay best friend noticed I was pretty absent from the conversations and I was knee deep in my phone. So, as a great best friend that he is, he took my phone away from me and saw I was on Bumble LOL. Of course he was pissed, but he decided to take matters into his own hands...he began to swipe...


He asked me what type of guy I'm looking for, however when he asked me this he knew it was a loaded question considering my taste is Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and pretty much nothing compares, leaving about .05% match material left to work with lol. 

Donald Draper from Mad Men

Donald Draper from Mad Men

So, with that being said, I learned a few things from him while watching him swipe for me:

1. I can't be too picky when it comes to swiping (because then I won't have any matches) 

2. I can't be swiping everyone (it clogs up my inbox)

3. I need to NOT have a bitchy profile bio (his words not mine, apparently I come off too strong lol) 

4. The picture says a 1,000 words- He made me switch around my profile pictures so that my boobs weren't out in my default one LOL

5. When it comes to messaging I need to come off friendly, e.i. put exclamation points and LOL's on most responses 

I realized I was actually very blinded by my own thoughts. I thought I had it all right, but then maybe that's why I wasn't really having any success. After this, I do have some matches laying in my inbox with messages purculating so stay tuned for updates!