Empower Yourself Before You Ruin Your Next Relationship

I’d like to think that on a day like today (International Women’s Day) that all women around the world are embracing their confidence and standing up for themselves once and for all. Whether that be for gender pay equality, taking an initiative to become more understanding of their body and what it really needs, or finally taking a stand against the man in their life that has been bringing you down. Enough is enough.

No, this isn’t going to be some post on feminism blah blah blah- because my target audience is generated around women AND men.


For whoever your meeting, seeing, dating, hooking up with, etc., whether that be a man, woman, transgender, or the green hulk, it’s important to treat them the right way. And it’s important to get treated the right way in return- because no one’s got time for BS.

There are signs that you are getting mistreated, most that you’re either missing or ignoring- but either’s not good. So here’s some advice and empowering words of wisdom to stand up and move on once and for all, if you’re being treated badly by a friend or a lover. And if you’re unsure of what mental or emotion abuse entails, see my recent post where I weigh in on signs of abuse. 

Confidence in a woman OR man is the best accessory. You do not NEED the significant other to be happy. Understanding your worth and what you deserve is so valuable to a relationship, because when once you begin to let someone talk to you in a negative way they will continue to walk all over you. And, I don't think anyone wants a controlling relationship. 

So, why is this so important? Why does equality in a relationship matter so much? Because neglect or being overpowering will ruin the relationship. It is the most damaging thing that usually cannot be repaired. There may be ebbs and flows as peoples needs, interests and desires change over time, but there's a limit to where this stands.  

It took me along time to stand up to someone I loved....a very long time. But that's because I was insecure about myself, I thought that it was normal how he was treating me. It's normal to have the man be the bread-winner and decides what we do on a daily basis and doesn't care how your feelings are affected by these decisions. Their way or the highway. 

No. This is not normal

Learn your worth. You are important, you deserve to feel important, you deserve happiness.