Men & Their Style: How Much Is Too Much?

I recently came across this article on Huffington Post which discussed how it’s OK for guys to wear makeup, which got me thinking- like is this weird?!

Honestly, I am all for guys dressing up and trying to impress me but …how far is too far?

There are some that think a rugged look (and smell) are what men are supposed to be about- but in the 21st century, it’s apparent that more men are taking just as long to get ready as women.

In my opinion, I like a guy who takes his time getting ready and wants to look good for me. Just as women like to get all dolled up for their significant others, men should feel the same way. But I think that makeup takes it too far.

I don’t want to be going Sephora with my boyfriend and him venturing off to look for the perfect shade of foundation for his face!

Like no, your place is standing next to me holding all of my stuff as I try on different shades of lip stick until we both agree on one that looks good on me. Just as going to Home Depot as he picks out some type of something while I stand and nod my head if he asks me anything. We can enjoy these things together, but we know that we’re there for the other person and vice versa.  

I feel like there’s some things that are just meant for women. Now, don’t get me wrong because I can honestly say that I have put concealer on my ex’s face when he’s had a huge pimple and wanted to cover it up, but that’s completely different than having him have his own stash that he picked out to put on his entire face.

I’d like to think that shopping is where the line is met. A guy should enjoy shopping for clothes to look good. However, if he doesn’t, I have no problem picking things out for him that I think he’d look good in.

I think it’s a turn off when a guy doesn’t care what they look like. Shaggy hair, t-shirts and old sneakers are not something that portrays a sophisticated, well-put together man.

But then again I went to Fashion school, so maybe the level of importance for me is a bit higher than anyone else’s.