Put Down The Drink

Some say that after a couple of drinks, you’ll loosen up and get the courage to talk to a guy/girl you may not feel comfortable approaching when you’re sober. Usually this is a good thing, but what if you’re drinking actually enhances your feelings too much? Now I don’t mean like you get wasted and total embarrass yourself in front of someone you think is attractive- I’m talking about how that vodka that you’re holding is actually making you attracted to the wrong people?

I am 100% a victim of this, especially when I’ve been single for a while- it’s almost like I become desperate when I’m drunk. It’s like the alcohol puts a love spell on me, thinking that random guys who I wouldn’t be normally attracted to are cute and I’ll try so hard to get them to notice me.

…but that’s exactly where you get in trouble, and exactly where the other person ends up getting hurt. Because if they find you attractive too, odds are you’ll exchange numbers or social accounts and the guy or girl will be blowing up your phone the next day thinking you’re interested in them. Meanwhile, you’re waking up with an extreme hangover looking at some guy or girl’s picture thinking, “WTF happened last night.”

Huffington Post reported a survey that said 19.1 percent of guys have gotten drunk on a first date, and so have 16.8 percent of women…THAT’S A LOT!

If I can give you at least one solid great advice from this blog it’s that- do not get drunk on a first date. I don’t even care if it’s in a social setting- it doesn’t look good! The first impression literally sets the tone for the rest of your time together, if you’re throwing back drinks and stumbling on your words- you may look like you’re a fun time OR just a mess lol. 


I’ve discussed this on my blog before, because sometimes it can get hard meeting new people, which is why a lot of people try to meet at bars or clubs, but I advise if you’re going out with the intention to meet people, try to limit your drinks or pace yourself so that you don’t regret anything the next morning.