When Do I Text Them After A First Date?

Whatever You Do…Do Not Drunk Text Him!

Dating is hard, but what might be even harder- is trying to figure out when to text the person (or not to text them) after the date. Depending on how you met them, there may have been a lot of chemistry before going on a first date, but now after the date, there's a little less communication being had.

If you met on a dating app and you were texting a lot, then you went on a date and things got a little stale in the texting department after, it might not be because the other person isn't interested in you- they might just be waiting for you to reach out first! 

Here are just a few simple tips I like to follow when it comes to texting after a first date:




Don’t Blow Up His Phone That Night: Unless he/she says, “text me when you get home so I know you’re safe” – DO NOT TEXT THEM THAT NIGHT! Make them wonder a little before you even try to make the first move.

The 12 Hour Rule: I like to give them until the afternoon after the date to see if they make any type of effort to communicate with me. This could be via text or social media. However, if they snapchat you and don’t text you- that is not an invitation to go and text them. Play by their rules…if they only snap you, you only snap them back.

Hold In Some Of Your Feelings: If you really enjoyed your date with them, make it  known subtly. Let them know you liked hanging out with them, but don’t push hanging out with them again right away- unless they bring it up first.

Keeping the Conversation Going: This is the hardest part I’ve found when it comes to  the initial stages of dating. The date can go really well, you spend hours talking in person, but after the date things kinda fall flat. When you’re with them, try to pick up on things that they’re into or planning, etc. so that once the date’s over, you have a way of picking up the conversation if it dies down. For example: if he tells you he’s going away next weekend, the next Friday tell them you hope they have a nice trip- it’ll let them know you were listening. OR if they mention their favorite band/movie/etc. – if you end up seeing that movie on TV or hearing the band, send them a snap of it, just to know                 you’re thinking of them. Keeping it subtle is key- you don’t want to be texting them first every day or double texting them all the time just to keep a conversation going.

Yes, You Can Text Them First: However, try to wait a few days if you haven’t heard from them at all. I get it, you’re worried that they may not be interested in you anymore, but it could be just because they have a lot going on and they’re super busy, and they may not want to give off the wrong signal. One or two dates doesn’t mean you’re dating just yet, so you can’t expect too much out of them lol. Just a trick that I’ve done before is waiting til Thursday or Friday to text them first (if I hadn’t heard from them all week), since it’s close to the weekend, the subject of plans may be brought up which is the perfect way to segway into trying to make plans to see each other again.

·And Lastly, But Most Importantly- DO NOT DRUNK TEXT THEM: You’re in the initial                   stages with them, odds are you are going to f*** things up if you try to text them anything when you’re not sober. Honestly, text your ex before you try to text a new fling-  you’ve got nothing to lose with an ex!