Why There’s No “Chill” in Netflix & Chill

I matched with this really cute guy on Bumble and we’d been talking on and off for months- super cute, super interesting, and seemed super interested in me! While we texted each other a bunch and social media stalked each other for a while, we just never got around to hanging out (either him or I we’re busy and didn’t really feel like making the time to make the effort…even though we lived like right down the road from each other LOL).

So one day FINALLY we were able to just be like f*** it, we’re going to hang out tonight- and we did! Needless to say things didn’t work out, because if they did I would have started writing about this awhile back and seemed a lot more interested in telling you about this than I actually am right now lol.

He invited me over to his house, which just happened to be right near where I take the bus everyday so it was very convenient. As soon as I walked in, he had two glasses of wine already poured for me and the Netflix screen already ready to go. Now, normally when someone tells me we’re going to Netflix I automatically assume SOMETHING would happen between us. But since he had wine out and wasn’t being too forward about it, I was a little thrown off…especially when he then put on Queer Eye (obviously my first reaction was that he’s for sure gay lol).

I thought I was in the clear- he was a cute, corny dude that wouldn’t try anything on me. WELL OBVIOUSLY I WAS WRONGGGGGGG.

I NEVER make the first move, so I’m not sure why guys automatically assume that I’m going to hook up with them. Well midway through the time of us hanging out, watching TV & sipping on wine he decided to make a move. Not just any move- the whole let’s put the blanket on us so that we can get closer together and have fun. This stupid move is just like really stupid. Sorry- I’m in a mood which is why I sound like such an idiot right now, but seriously – BOYS I KNOW WHAT YOUR GAME IS WHEN YOU WANT TO PUT A BLANKET OVER US- IM NOT GOING TO JERK YOU OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay sorry, I just needed to get that off my chest. Anyway…so after this happened, I automatically put him into the “only hooks up” category, because anyone who wants me to do anything with them besides make out the first time seeing each other is automatically a fuck boy to me. The only exceptions to this rule is if we’re both drunk and happen to have a one night stand- that might lead to something else. So since all bets were off at this point, I decided to make it last- because well, I don’t do anything half-ass, if you get my drift.

After all of the fun & games and talking and hanging out, it was time for me to head out. I, of course knowing what the outcome would be, asked him when we would be seeing each other again. And of course his response was, “we’ll be hanging out all summer!” Okay so it’s now August 2nd and I haven’t heard from him since that night LOL.

I love telling these stories, because I think millennial women can relate. There is no “chill” in Netflix & chill. If he asks you to come over on the first date, it’s usually not a good sign- unless you’re into the whole let’s just hookup thing. I put guys like this into my “blackhole boys” category because most likely within the next couple of months I’ll get a text from him saying he misses me and wants to hang out again (but only to hookup again of course).

Dating as a 23 year old is hard. Not many want to actually commit. Men can get the satisfaction of a woman from just a simple hookup without having to commit to trying to get into a relationship. Well sorry, but I want more.