Happy Cuffing Season!

Once Labor Day hits you know that half of your friends are bummed that bikini season is over and the other half are already sipping on their pumpkin spice latte’s. Well, whether you like it or not it’s about to be Fall ya’ll. And with the colder weather approaching all too soon means not only football games, sweater weather and pumpkin everything – it’s also CUFFING SEASON!!!!



Okay so what exactly is cuffing season???

Women’s Health Mag defines it as: Cuffing season—wanting to couple up for the winter, whether it's to avoid being alone for the holidays or simply to have someone to snuggle with—popped up on Urban Dictionary in 2011. (The term for latching on to whoever you can find comes from handcuffing, get it?) 

Essentially it means you stop slutting it up and you really start making the effort to find a man to do fun/cute fall and winter activities with ….I mean uhhhh, make the effort to find love :) 

If you’re single and ready to mingle so that you’re not going apple picking alone this fall here are some thoughts to consider on your hunt ….


Can I Manage Being A Third Wheel AGAIN This Year?

Should I Update My Dating App Profiles So I Come Off More Approachable??

This could help you land a match!!

Can One Of My Friends Set Me Up With Someone So That I’m Not Alone

Seriously though...you should ask around

How Desperate Am I?!


Is He Only Good Til Christmas Or Should I Really Try To Find True Love??


Please Define Your Relationship Status Before Things Get Too Real

…If you’re only looking to use him for cold weather festivities & snuggle time, try to let him know in the nicest way possible

Will He Look Cute In A Couples Halloween Costume & Will He Have Money For Good Christmas Presents

(OK OBVI I’m exaggerating here LOL)