Would You DM A Guy?

Okay so I recently took a poll on Instagram to see how many girls would DM a guy and I was surprised to see how many were actually OK with this idea! I love the fact that so many women feel so empowered to do this and don’t feel shy to approach a guy. AMAZINGGGG


However, if you’re the type who normally doesn’t make the first move that’s totally understandable. I am the type who is super shy in person, but can easily approach someone via phone. If you’re looking to branch out and try a new way to talk to a guy- don’t be scared or alarmed, there’s a way to do it without looking like you’re just straight sliding into his DM’s:


·         Don’t stalk his account and then DM him about something that you saw in a picture he took from 2016….

·         It’s OK to DM him if you see a funny post that you think he would appreciate

·         If you’re trying to “make a move” – don’t be creepy about it. Wait until he’s just liked your picture or after you’ve just seen him out somewhere to DM him and ask him to go out sometime.

And if you’re asking yourself if this approach really works- it does. Granted, not always will the guy be interested- this is just a general scenario, but he might actually be intrigued that you had the balls to DM him in the first place. Not all men like a woman who make the first move, but that’s usually because they are intimidated.

So with that being said, I actually decided to DM a guy recently. Someone who I already knew and someone who I had recently seen.  I saw an opportunity. Without going into full detail, I was really ‘digging’ this guy – I AM SO CORNY DEAL WITH IT …anyway, I tried to play it off cool and genuinely say that I had a good time seeing him and asked if he’d ever want to hang out. SUPER SUPER BALLSY. You should know you shouldn’t always do this. I was VERY hesitant to do this because I knew if it didn’t go as I’d hoped for then I was risking awkward encounters whenever I saw him again. Luckily, the odds were in my favor and he responded positively. Fast forward a month and now we’re dating lol.

My last words of advice are- go get it gurl – but just be cautious lol

go girl.gif