How to Agree to Disagree with Your S/O

I think one of the most important things in a stable relationship is compromising for one another. Whether that’s something small like deciding to go see a movie you may not be as interested in seeing but your significant other really wants to see it or something more substantial like accepting moving somewhere else for your partner. Sometimes it’s important to put the other person first.


However, one thing – that I’ve literally see make or break a relationship is politics.

Now, I’m not one to bring up politics because people can be very opinionated, but recently my boyfriend and I got into a discussion about our political views…

Luckily, while we have some different views, in our case it’s a little easier to agree to disagree. And by this, I mean I just say there while he talked and I didn’t say anything and then I changed the topic lol. Sometimes talking politics can be exhaustinggggggggggg.

With that being said, it was nice to have a civilized debate about our views- some similar, some not, but it’s important to hear what the other person has to say.

Politics is a great way to learn about your partner’s ethical and moral beliefs. If your beliefs are not the same – odds are you’re not going to last. And I don’t mean that you both need to be on the same wing. I mean that if one of you is OK with the president calling a woman a horse face and the other isn’t then you’re not living the same type of life lol.

So, how do you bring up politics?

I advise you bring it up early in your relationship, because if you are on completely opposite sides, you should probably call it quits or learn to deal with your partners morals quick. I think the best way to handle this conversation is to ease into it…meaning don’t bring up Trump right off the bat LOL. But I think the most important thing is not to fight over politics- you learn to agree to disagree. You and your significant other aren’t always going to like the same things – and that’s TOTALLY OKAY! It’s just the matter of finding that middle – if you’re complete opposites, it may not work out.