Getting Caught in Snapchat

Once you’ve hit the snapchat stage it’s game over.

When you start talking to someone new, either from meeting them on a dating app or in person, it’s important to consistently keep in contact with them via text. Not ALL the time like some stalker lol, but to make it a regular habit so they know you’re interested.

Getting to know them, if you’re looking for a relationship, is key. Once you add social media into the mix it can totally f**** things up. ESPECIALLY if you add them on Snapchat.

While that may sound silly, I can’t even count on my fingers how many times things got fucked up once I added a guy on the app. For some reason, majority of the time the guy thinks that it’s OK to stop texting you after that and it’s fine to communication ONLY via Snapchat ….well it’s not!!

While it’s great that they’re still trying to communicate with you - odds are they’re probably sending the same snap to a bunch of girls and they’re not really interested in getting to know you anymore.

This can only get worse as they’ll probably snap you when they’re bored and want to “hang” …AKA hookup.

You’d think after a certain age this would change, but I’ve talked to guys in their 30’s that still play this game. It’s a trap. You end up being just another girl in their Snapchat roster they can hit up.

While this is not ALWAYS the case, it usually is. A great way to test out this theory is by trying to add the next guy (or girl) you talk to on Snapchat. If you’ve been talking for a few days or weeks, social media usually comes up in conversation - if you or them hasn’t social media stalked each other yet lol.

social stalk.gif

So ask them if they have a Snapchat and add them. If you notice that they slowly beigin not to text you anymore and they begin to snap you often, odds are you’ve fallen into the trap. And I can tell it is really hard to get out of it!

If they’ve been texting you for more than a week, there’s a possibility you may be in the clear. However, if they ask you for your snap name within the first few days of talking, you’re probably talking to a fuck boy …or as I call them, Black Hole Boys.