Sometimes You Need the Love of Someone Else to Love Yourself

It’s crazy where life takes you. This time last year I was miserable, dealing with family problems and at a dead end with my ex. I honestly felt trapped. Fortunately somehow I was able to escape. Escape the feeling of constant fear that nothing would get better- escape the toxic relationship, understand myself better and move on.

The best part? I found love again. Somehow, I was able to put my whole self out there and trust someone enough to let them in. The only way to be successful in a committed relationship is if you’re comfortable with yourself to let someone into your life. While I still struggle with my self-confidence, I felt that this person was the right person to let in. To get to know ME.

The craziest part is I’ve never loved someone as much as I love this person. They know me and they love me for me and they treat me like I should be treated. I don’t have to push them to want to care about me, they just do.

So why am I going on rambling about how happy I am? Well, because for some who say you need to love yourself before you can love anyone else is wrong. Sometimes you need the love of someone else to realize how amazing you really are.

My ex always put me down, and then when I became single it was hard for me to go out and meet new people because I was so self-conscious. But then I met someone who treated me like I was the most perfect creature that ever lived, and my whole perception of who I am changed. Someone could actually love me for me – which made me love myself so much more.

So if you’re feeling self-conscious or down about how you feel, know that with all the bad you may get from other people, the good will come. It’s important not to lose yourself and remember all of the good qualities about you, because someone out there is going to love ALL of it. If you’re with someone who puts you down for who you are, get out. If they don’t love who you are or want to work through your problems, they’re not worth being with.