Making the First Move (Valentine’s Day Edition)

Ladies, if you have no date for Valentine’s Day – DON’T PANIC!

For anyone who is looking for a date see my advice below:

·         If there’s someone on your mind GO FOR IT. But keep this in mind –

o   If you have their number, ask them out

o   If you only have them on social channels ….don’t be a creep and ask them out lol

Rule of thumb, if you guys have been texting for a while, even if you haven’t actually hung out that;s OK. There’s nothing wrong with asking them out on Valentine’s Day for a casual hang out.


Girls should NEVER be ashamed or nervous to ask a guy out. Most of the time, guys are interested in you but they’re too shy/they don’t care enough to ask you out because they don’t want to get shot down.

I DM’d my (now boyfriend) after just hanging out with him in a group setting to see if he would ever want to get together some time. Playing it casual is always good, however, I strongly suggest you don’t DM a guy to ask them if they have Valentine’s Day plans. ….you will look desperate.

My best advice is to play it casual. Make it seem like you’re not really interested in the day (even though you’re probably desperately wanting not to be home by yourself that day) because guys don’t think of Valentine’s Day as women do. They don’t really care. It’s just a normal day to them, which is why it’s important not to make it a huge deal.

Play it cool:

·         Ask them to go out for drinks

·         OR if you have work and don’t want to be out late, ask them if they just want to hang out and watch a movie or grab something to eat CASUALLY.

I’ve said this before, but men usually don’t find it as intimidating when a girl asks them out as much as you think they would be. However, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, I advise you ask someone that you’ve consistently been talking to and make sure you at least somewhat think they’re interested in you.

Think of yourself in their shoes –

If you’ve heard from someone briefly, maybe have only talked once in a while, and they ask you to go out on Valentine’s Day ….how would you react? Little weird right?

With that being said, the worst thing you could do it complain about being alone on Valentine’s Day and not do anything about it. If you want change, you have to go out and do it yourself.