Gone Fishing

Loving someone can be time consuming – understanding how they think and live their life differently or similarly to yours.

It’s like starting a new job- you know you’re excited about this new journey in your career, and even though you have a resume of experience in this field, this specific job can be different than what you’ve done before.

I truly did not believe I would ever find love ever again, or at least this fast. I also didn’t realize just how toxic my last relationship was until I started dating someone who showed me what REAL love looked like. I’m trying my best not to make this whole thing about how much I love my boyfriend blah, blah, blah, BUT what I am trying to say is that you never know what’s obtainable til you put yourself out there.

For me, I love, love and I appreciate the beginning stages of a relationship. I enjoy learning about another person and practicing those public speaking skills. However, my favorite part about being in a relationship is learning what the other person enjoys.

There’s a misconception that you should be with someone who enjoys everything that you enjoy, but sometimes that actually can have opposite effect on your relationship. Finding that middle ground of having things in common but also enjoying things a part can be key to having a successful relationship.

  • Don’t be afraid to dive into your s/o’s hobbies & passions

  • Let them see what you enjoy most and have them join you

  • Embrace each other’s hobbies, but don’t forget to enjoy things a part

Honestly, after being with someone for so long who essentially only enjoyed drinking on their time off, I forgot what else was out there. I’ve learned to love life again. I’ve had the chance to fall in love with things that I forgot I loved – the gym, the water, fishing, all appreciation of things around me. I’ve found someone who teaches me things that I didn’t know how to do, someone who supports me and doesn’t look down on me for not being the same as them.

I’ve taken a step back from social media to do things for myself, to re-learn who I am, what I like to do and who I want to become. My relationship with my boyfriend has been a lot about creating goals. We push each other to become better people than we are now and we remind each other of our worth and what we’re really capable of doing. Why have I been radio silent? Because it’s been such a culture shock for me, I don’t necessarily need social media to validate my happiness anymore, and it’s been so hard to write about dating when my personal life isn’t in shambles anymore. I’m genuinely happy and ready to explore something new. Life’s about evolving right? So it’s time for me to evolve- I’ve found my zen so I’m ready to help others rather than just help myself.

From guys to DIY’s I do it all, right? LOL I hope you all continue to follow me as I shift gears. Gypsea is about movement, but not about disappearance. I’ll never be too far from home.  


Gypsea Girl