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Sergio Zarate

I'm 20 years old, I live in the Northwest region of Indiana right next to Chicago. I'm single and I use online dating.

Like many guys my age, I use Tinder because it's fast and simple. Look at pics, maybe read, and swipe, simple as that. My experiences with it have been mixed but leaning more towards good. Being able to interact with people I just met over just a mutual attraction is arguably pretty cool. Even if the interaction doesn't amount to any sort of actual relationship, being able to meet new people is pretty cool.

I've been on two dates technically from tinder. My second date started with us meeting up in a public place and taking a tour of Chicago, talking music, and just driving around. We ended the "date" by going over to her house and playing with her dogs. Honestly that was one of the funnest dates ever in my life and we didn't even kiss... or talk to each other after that. That was weird. I actually find it easier to meet more people in person though but through online dating it helps meet people you wouldn't normally meet or if you see someone you know, maybe see what they think of you.

Sometimes it’s just curiosity that leads you to swipe right, for me personally I look at a view of things. You obviously look at the pictures because that's what you first look at. Pictures drawn you in because if the pictures interest you, you'll want to learn more. Generally I like actually seeing a bio written out because it provides something to talk about if you match. An empty isn't necessarily bad but I’m more likely to swipe right if you write.

I feel that many girls are only on there for one thing: Hookups. And the actual truth that: yeah you're mostly right. Many guys on there are just looking for that fun and done, but there are some guys out there that actually want to have a relationship and possibly (gasp) friendship as well! Now is it 50/50? No but there are some girls that are on there for the same reason guys are on there so take that into consideration.

Overall for me I enjoy online dating because it's fun. I’m looking for the one but if I meet some friends along the way I don't mind at all!


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